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At Tuality Physicians, the doctors and staff specialize in treating fractures and sprains, and offer their services to residents living in the Hillsboro, Oregon area, as well as many of the surrounding communities.

Fractures/Sprains Q & A

What is a Compound Fracture?

A compound fracture involves a clean break that results in soft tissue damage. This means that the bone is broken into two pieces and that one or both sections are protruding from a wound in the skin. This type of fracture or break may require surgery and the use of a rod and pins to reset the bone and ensure proper healing. The type of procedure used to reset the bone will be determined by the severity of the break and the damage to the soft tissues. If the muscles, tendons, and ligaments are damaged, the entire area may need to be reconstructed or rebuilt to ensure proper form and function after the break has healed.

How are Sprains Treated?

Sprains and strains can be extremely painful and will often take longer to heal than a broken bone. These types of injuries are often characterized by acute pain and inflammation that limits movement and prevents a person from performing their daily activities. Stabilizing the joint is the first step in treating a sprain or strain. Pain medications can be used to help control the discomfort. Anti-inflammatories are used to decrease the swelling and improve range of motion and flexibility. Physical therapy and light exercise may be added to the treatment plan as the injury continues to heal.

How are Greenstick Fractures Treated?

A greenstick fracture is characterized by a break or split in the bone that resembles a break in a twig that is still attached to the tree. The bone does not break apart but instead remains attached. This can be extremely painful and must be properly set to ensure the bone heals properly. Plaster casts are often what doctors turn to with this kind of break. The plaster is strong enough to prevent the bone from moving or shifting and also provides support so that the rest of body part can still function to a limited degree. Greenstick fractures will heal in approximately six to eight weeks, depending on the nutritional support received and the treatment plan that is put in place by the physician.

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