Lacerations And Simple Dermatology

Lacerations And Simple Dermatology Specialists
Tuality Physicians provides treatment to patients with lacerations, as well as those with simple dermatological concerns. Lacerations and simple dermatology services are available to patients throughout Hillsboro, Oregon, and the surrounding area. Patients experiencing skin problems or lacerations should contact Tuality Physicians to make an appointment.

Lacerations and Simple Dermatology Q & A

What is a Laceration?

A laceration is a cut in the skin that usually occurs after an accident, such as a fall or a mishap with a kitchen knife. Lacerations often bleed and are likely to get infected if they aren’t treated properly. To ensure proper healing of a laceration, patients should visit a doctor immediately.

How Does Tuality Physicians Treat Lacerations?

When a patient comes to Tuality Physicians with a laceration, the medical team will begin by assessing the wound to determine what type of care is necessary. In some cases, cleaning the wound and applying a bandage may be the only treatment needed. However, more severe lacerations may require stitches. Depending on the extent of the laceration, the patient may need to return for additional treatment after this initial evaluation.

When Should Patients Visit Tuality Physicians for Dermatological Concerns?

Patients should contact Tuality Physicians for an appointment if they develop skin symptoms, such as a rash or a lesion. The doctor will evaluate the issue to determine what type of treatment is necessary.

What Causes Skin Issues?

Skin issues can have a variety of causes, including bacterial infections, viruses, exposure to allergens, fungal infections, and exposure to the sun. In some cases, more serious conditions like cancer can cause skin lesions. Because skin issues can be related to so many different factors, any patient with suspicious skin symptoms should visit a doctor as soon as possible.

What Treatment is Available for Patients with Skin Issues?

The treatment will depend on the type of skin issue present. For example, topical medications will resolve the majority of minor skin issues, including most rashes. However, some rashes and lesions may require oral medications. In addition, patients with suspicious lesions may need to see a specialist to rule out more serious conditions, such as skin cancer.

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